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What is ThetaHealing™?

What is ThetaHealing™?

ThetaHealing® releases and transforms old belief systems, traumas and cellular memories that we no longer need or want. It replaces these with positive thoughts and feelings encoding them into our cells, subconscious, and DNA. We will then be free to live our lives without past negative baggage and experience our true selves living in the present moment. Theta is a brain wave cycle of 4 -7 cycles per second. It is very creative, spiritual, healing and relaxing. Whilst in this brain wave state we connect to the higher spiritual realms to co-create with the Divine and witness healing on ourselves and others.

ThetaHealing is a combination of meditation, intuition and prayer. A theta brain wave is accessed, which allows direct communication with our subconscious. Our subconscious knows everything about us, thus by accessing this, we can release limiting beliefs or traumas that are holding us back and stopping us from being who we really are. Our beliefs create our reality. ThetaHealing goes to the very core of our being and from there heals from the inside out!

The processes of ThetaHealing are not specific to any age, sex, race, colour, creed or religion. Anyone with a belief in the Creative Force can access and use the branches of the ThetaHealing tree. It enables the body to conquer physical illness and remove emotional blockages.

Sara Herring, a Master of ThetaHealing™can introduce you to this most powerful energy-healing technique and its background and provide you with accurate and up to date information on sessions and courses, to enable you to find you. By learning ThetaHealing™ you give yourself a great tool for healing, ongoing self-development and spiritual awareness. Your personal experience will open your heart and mind to the possibilities of ThetaHealing™.

ThetaHealing™ is a beautiful healing technique, which transforms limiting beliefs, which are holding you back from living the life you truly deserve. Your beliefs create your reality. With the assistance of this technique it’s possible to release memories stored in your cells, of past traumas, as well as any beliefs you have taken on from others, society and your ancestors. Your old belief systems colour the way you react and respond to situations and stress and can negatively impact your health.

Its Origins

ThetaHealing is an ancient healing modality that was brought into our modern era 20 years ago by Vianna Stibal the founder of Theta Healing. Vianna is a truly gifted healer who has done thousands of healings from her practice in Idaho Falls, USA on people with chronic and terminal diseases. Vianna has discovered that when you clear the subconscious blocks that hold a condition in place the body can instantly heal. She has shared this technique with Sara,  therefore she  can now share it with you.

What can ThetaHealing™ do for you?

With ThetaHealing, you can manifest your dreams, create miracles in your life and live the life you should be living. Its foundation is unconditional love and you can feel and experience this with ease and joy. Whether it’s a limiting belief, a trauma, a health issue, money problems or relationship issues, ThetaHealing™ can assist in transforming these into a new higher level of understanding and healing. With this divine technique, new feelings and positive energies are introduced into every cell in your body and mind; always with your permission first.

Are you ready to heal and be all that you can be?