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Therapist Life Care

“Who looks after you?”


I Do.

I work with Therapists/Business Owners/Practitioners, clearing your issues, blockages, helping you to work through your own personal or spiritual blockages to help you be free of other peoples energies, negative beliefs, helping you to step fully into you and your life’s purpose.

I show you how to ground yourself, set your work and life balance, how to stop worrying about your clients, and how to feel freer, more confident, and in control of you.

I use a combination of ThetaHealing, Hypnotherapy, NLP, and other modalities I have learned over my 30 years in the Alternative Therapy Area.

Helping you now make the rest of your life, the Best of your life!


What is Therapist Life Care?


TLC is looking after you the therapist.

  • What is your cost to you for caring for others?
  • What is your worth?
  • How much is it costing you in energy?


As a Therapist/Practitioner/Business Owner:

  • Do you have a work/life balance?
  • Do you take your client’s issues and problems home with you?
  • Do you ruminate on your clients and/or their sessions?
  • Do you feel fatigued for no reason?
  • Do you dread certain clients coming?
  • Can you set your own boundaries?
  • Do you know how to work with energy fields?
  • Can you and do you clear your own energy?


You will discover and then learn how to fix:

  • Why you take on other people’s stuff.
  • Why you can have compassionate fatigue.
  • Why you can have burn out.


You listen and help 100’s of people with their issues and problems.   Who looks after you? How do you clear their issues from you?

Learn techniques now to do that.

Identify your programs that make you take on your clients/families energy, issues or problems.


Learn how to say NO with ease, without feeling guilty or pressured.


As a Therapist you sometimes forget about yourself, you think that you are OK, you believe that you can fix yourself, and yes you probably can, but do you? Do you take that time. When do you take that time, when it’s too late, when you are carrying everyone else, and their energy with you, when you are burned out!


Do something about it NOW…..



  • Ability to clear energy
  • Enhanced quality of work with clients
  • Better work life balance
  • Improves mental and physical wellness
  • Less stress, anxiety, depression
  • More motivation and energy
  • Improves relationships with self, family, friends, personal, professional, clients
  • Feeling happier and more in control
  • Recognize energy and how to work with it.



Sara Herring – your expert at TLC

Sara has over 30 years experience in the Alternative Therapy Industry.

She has learnt the hard way, so took on so much from her clients, that she had to stop. She believed that she had to ‘heal’ everyone and was here to ‘save’ the world, a huge task for one person! She realized that by using these simple techniques that she is more energized after a full day of clients than when she started. She empowers her clients, and when they leave her clinic, they leave with the knowledge that they are empowered and have all the resourses within themselves. Sara knows that she has done what was needed in the session for her client to find their own solution.

Over the last few years she has noticed a trend in her clients, she was seeing more and more therapists. She teaches them techniques that work, together they work on their beliefs, empowering them so that they can share this with their clients.


Being a Therapist herself, she knows, understands what a therapist does, who a therapist is and what drives a therapist. She understands energy, and how to work with other people’s energy.



Sara works with Therapists so that they can be clearer and in control of themselves.

Helping you make the rest of your life, the best of your life!




 Call Sara NOW 0412771612 to look after yourself as you deserve this.