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I had a session with Sara 2 days before I had to do a major presentation at work, I was highly stressed, as I tended to stutter and forget the information when I had spoken in public before. I cannot tell you how calm, cool and collected I was. It was a breeze and I am even looking forward to speaking again….the Hypnotherapy that Sara does is incredible……highly recommend her.
Bridget B.

Beautiful Sara,
Thankyou, thankyou, thankyou.It brought out so much in me;
guided by a beautiful spirit
an amazing journey
truth and understanding
total respect and trust in my guided master / healer
time to step outsideas I type, SMILE, SMILE, SMILE, wow it feels good naa naa naa naa naa.
Thankyou Sara, for this wonderful journey that I’ve begun. You have enriched my life.Peace love and happiness Margaret x

Sara just knew me and what I had been going through. From the moment she spoke to me I just knew she could help me with my relationship with my ex-wife. We can communicate now and talk about the children. Our children are so much more happier, and I am too.
Doug, Perth


From Candice:
Re: Rainbow Children’s Course
It was fun and enjoyable, Sara was friendly and happy. Sara reminds me of a Pixi! It’s heaps better than after school care!From Dean:
Re: Rainbow Children’s Course. It was fun, it was good! Sara was nice!
From Tamara Leerson
Re: Sara’s Rainbow Course
My children came home with practical tools to help change and enhance their life, tools that I wish I had growing up.
A couple of weeks after the course, one Saturday night after dinner they opened their homework, and were both doing school work till 9pm!

I really feel like a new me – was absolutely exhausted yesterday but, today, I woke up full of beans, danced around in the shower singing the song and just felt really happy. Even happier, I have had a spa delivered today and can;t wait to get it all set up. I had a wonderful weekend with you and all the others and was so stunned by the love energy in the room at the end of Sunday afternoon. It was beautiful, thank you. I didn’t do anything theta wise yesterday but gave myself a healing this morning/ I did a healing on one of my dogs, who has separation anxiety problems. Anyway, he isn’t a lap dog but, immediately after he sat on my lap, rested his head on my chest looking lovingly at me for a while! Sue xxx

Thank you for all that you have helped me perceive. You are a wonderful light sara helping me through to new beginnings. I have new enlightenment every day , what a wonderful feeling to be alive again and feel the happiness that life is supposed to bring.
Love and light , Kelly.

Hi Sara
The course meant more than just any one thing to me. I think what it reinforced is that we are always on the first step. One issue is resolved and then the next one comes to the fore and so on, so we are constantly peeling back the layers, continually learning and healing in the process.

There is such an abundance of ways in which to use Theta that it’s going to take me some time to consolidate what I’ve learnt and explore the ways in which it can be used. Something that I’m looking forward to immensely. I’ve already used it in the office with computers & chairs and the boss’s office and everyone has been amazed at how nice she has been this week. Usually this is not a word that we would use to describe her so it’s working, but not only for her of course, but for everyone.I thoroughly enjoyed the weekend. It was an emotional journey on many levels (am still feeling the after effects), but to quote you “it’s all good”. You presented all the information eloquently and with great enthusiasm, so thank you! Anyway, thank you again for a wonderful and enlightening weekend.
Love Lee

Hi Sara, I just wanted to tell you again how much I enjoyed the course. You are a fantastic teacher. I learnt so much in 3 days. It is hard to believe how far we all came in such a short time. I have been practicing every day and have been releasing many unwanted beliefs. You have taught me many valuable life skills and I look forward to a better and brighter future. Anna

Hi Sara,Thanks for passing your knowledge of Theta Healing DNA to me

I was a bit of a sceptic to begin with, but as you know on the very first day my mind was totally changed due to the fact that with your counseling some things were brought forth that I was least expecting, but I am so glad that this happened; I now have a different outlook on the world and what is happening around me. I found the course very interesting and brain stimulating.

I have put into practice some of your teachings and so far have had very positive results…


Have a good day Katie : )

Hi Sara, The course meant more to me than I thought it would (and that’s saying something!) and affected me in many ways. It was lovely to be able to share the experience with the group. We laughed, we cried. All of the ladies were lovely and it was reassuring that we ALL had beliefs that were causing us trouble! I hope that they are all doing well. The best aspect was knowing that you Sara were there for us. You were able to convey the information clearly and with love. I am blessed to have been able to attend the course and meet every single person involved. Thank you so much for the experience. Thanks again.
Cheers. Paula

I have recently participated in the Advanced Theta Healing course with Sara Herring.

I have to say that the course was more than I could have hoped for in every way. We are so awesomely well looked after with love and support, and the tea breaks are yummy too.

I would like to thank Sara from the bottom of my heart for her support and care in sharing her knowledge and skills with us. There are no limits to what we can achieve with the skills that we learn in this course. I didn’t want it to end. Thank you so much x x x x x x x x x Deb xxx

I grew so much out of this course, at such a young age I feel so blessed and appreciative of knowing and working with Theta which has changed my life in many areas. Thank you, Thank you ,Thank you! 🙂
– Tara Churchill

Thanks Sara
It was an honour and pleasure for me also meeting you and the wonderful people in the group.
It is so hard to put into words what the weekend has done for me, I have learnt immeasurable life-long tools that are so simple and so easily accessed, I have certainly gained an enlightened view of myself.

Sara your teaching was what made it truly amazing, your energy, wisdom, experience, gentleness,understanding,love and belief of Theta… the list goes on.I felt safe to purge and safe to learn, where were you when I was at school?

Over the last week I have done alot of work on myself and have made alot of realisations and truths, something I would never have achieved before this course.I can now move forward knowing I am more connected and special.

Thanks Sara, I look forward to doing the Advanced course.
Love & Blessings

Wow Thank you Sara, your understanding of my issues really helped me to release them. I feel so much more alive and awake. I want to live again and get out of bed. Thank you for your patience with me, and allowing me just to blurt it all out without me feeling like I was a whiner. I feel so much lighter and I have even been out on a date. I thank you from the bottom of my heart. You are amazing – I know I am amazing…thank you…….
Katie P, Sydney

After meeting you and having several seasons of Theta healing which was a new concept to me and even being a little sceptical, ok a lot, Theta healing and the sessions with you have opened my mind, opened my heart and made me realise that what I have been holding on to is from past lives and these were not my issues but past lives. My personal growth and development has been unprecedented in the time that I have known you.

Your ability to get to the bottom of peoples problems and extract the feeling is nothing short of amazing and I will continue to recommend your services to my closest friends.
Again thank you for all your help now and in the future Grant H.

Sara – I want to express to you just how much you have helped & guided me to grow and heal. I often get stuck and just can’t see clearly to where I want to go and having Theta healing sessions with you, shifts and removes the layers and leaves me with clarity and a wonderful feeling of balance and peace.
My health has improved immensely and I have a better understanding of who I am and why I am here.

I love that each session clears away so much more stuff, that would take many years to do on my own. You are a very gifted healer that is caring, compassionate, patient & have beautiful energy.I am so grateful that our paths have connected and I look forward to seeing you again very soon.
Smiles & blessings,
Julie Cadusch

I have had the privilege of knowing Sara as a friend, a teacher and a practitioner.
Sara has an uncanny ability to tap directly into the issues that are blocking you and holding you back from achieving your greatest life potential.
She does not take herself too seriously and is not ruled by ego, which so many practitioners in the industry are.

One of the things I most appreciated about her work is that she never pushed me to do more than I felt comfortable with, but always knew when I was ready to forge ahead at a faster pace.

I believe it is her ability as a person to treat others with gentle loving care that makes her an excellent practitioner, and I would not hesitate recommending her to anyone who is ready to know and live as their authentic self.
Love, Light & Laughter. Debra Godfrey
Drug & Alcohol Counselor

Hi Sara
Thank you for an inspirational three days & for all this wonderful information you have put together to send to us. I can see you have put in a lot of time & effort on top of all the work that goes into the course. I had read through Vianna’s book before the course however I decided yesterday to start rereading all the information I now have available to me. As I go through it all again slowly it has a lot more meaning for me.
A new door now stands open before me & I thank you so much for helping me to open the door.
Love Leah

Hello beautiful Sara,


This course has truly started the beginnings of a change of life for me. I feel as if i can open up to that part of me that I used to work with , that has been closed for so many years. But now i can do it with no fears. Being at the course I have met some wonderful people and people that I have a connection with, people that are similar to me so that I am not alone on this journey, and that is truly important to me.

I felt the course was so well set out, the way you ran it, the divine timing of everything. It flowed so well and fit together perfectly. At no point did i feel as if things were jerky or out of place. I believe that everything that you taught and shared with us was explained very well and if i do think of any questions as i go through my notes again, i will ask. I love Living Now, what a wonderful place with beautiful energy, I knew it was time to do this course even though things did crop up to try to stop me along the way. It was perfect timing for me.

Funny really I was thinking about this last night that when you said on sunday i think, about some people not agreeing with you or liking you or feeling comfortable, im not sure quite how you put it now, but i remember the first time i saw you at living now, i wasnt sure what to make of you, i felt a coldness or something coming from you, well thats how i percieved it at the time, I now realise that that was ME, and that i had an inner resistance to you, with the hidden inside knowledge that i would be doing this course and that it was going to be in some ways very traumatic, bringing up things for me that would make me sad, but then eventually be set free and release me from old patterns and beliefs that were stopping me from following my path. I wanted to let you know that I have a lot of respect for you and that at times what you do must be painful, but you hold yourself very well and with so much professionalism, but then at the same time you are so caring and heartfelt. You are truly awesome, and I thank you for coming into my life, both as a teacher and as a guide.

(no Im not falling in love with you and i wont stalk you, hehehehehe) Great sense of humour too, love it! maybe its a pommie thing!

Hi Sara,
I’m just writing to say thanks for last Tuesday I feel like a different person. The internal dialogues that have been running in my mind for goodness knows how long have gone. I’m amazed, I feel lighter, happier, calmer and energized. I’m wondering if this ‘feeling’ will wear off at some stage and my mind will go back to old negative habits but it’s all good now. I would like to see you again to talk through some more stuff and see if I can put that behind me too.

I will call you soon.
Yours gratefully,

Hi Sara,
Hope you had a wonderful christmas. What an amazing time i had with you guys. I am doing heaps of clearing on myself and others and i have also noticed a change in who i want in my life. I am moving forward in a big way and making those positive changes for myself and my children. I know i can create whatever i choose to and i am. The timing was perfect and i am in such a different head space, which i am so grateful for. I no longer take on other peoples stuff and thats a good thing. Time to move and grove in a big way and i am so excited about life again.
Much love