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Stress Reduction Program

Does your brain have too many tabs open?

Does stress rule your life?

Would you like to learn how to relax?

At ThetaVille we specialise in Stress Management, we teach you how to relax, allowing you to let go and feel free, allowing you to have freedom again.

Stress is very common these days, and everyone knows the word, even young children! Our lives are too fast paced, and we are under constant pressure including social, work, emotional, financial, family, friends and just being.

At ThetaVille we understand and have structured a 3 session program to teach you how to relax, how to be at ease, how to give yourself permission to take it easy.

Apart from the obvious discomfort of stress and the things it can make us do, how it can ruin our personal life and affect our relationships, it also has a dramatically negative impact on our physical health. Stress is now proven to be a significant contributor to many serious and often fatal diseases such as high blood pressure, asthma, heart disease, diabetes, and cancer and it is a barrier to recovery from many others.

Untreated, stress can spiral downwards from an unpleasant experience, to an emotional problem and ultimately to physical illness.

With the Stress Relief Program, you will learn to respond to life without becoming so stressed, you will learn to remain relaxed in any situation. Imagine now how much better and easier your life will be, if you could live stress free.


Release Stress now, the natural way, without using drugs.


Your stress relief program consists of 3 sessions and a take home relaxation CD, book your sessions now, and manage your stress to achieve a more balanced life.