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Past Life Regression

Discover Your Past With Past Life Regression
past life regressionIf you are searching for answers and want to know more about yourself, your habits, your relationships, your interests and your beliefs, then Past Life Regression with Sara can help you.

There are many benefits of Past Life Regression therapy. It is a transformative and insightful process, which can help you improve your life in many ways.

Some of the benefits that people have reported from past life regression are improved levels of:

  • self confidence,
  • peace of mind,
  • health,
  • wealth,
  • understanding,
  • sense of purpose,
  • happiness,
  • freedom

Whether you believe in past lives or not, the experiences you have during Past Life regression sessions can be helpful in resolving long standing issues in your current life.

It isn’t possible to know whether what you experience in a past life regression session is a real memory of past lives or something that has been made up by your subconscious. However, that isn’t important, because if your subconscious made them up then it did so for a reason and the real value comes from identifying the lessons that are there to be learnt.

Past life regression is a powerful technique that focuses on discovering the origins of a problem and going back to bring healing to the original situation.

A Past life regression session is effective because by realising events of a past life and then processing then helps to bring closure to those events and closure to events that are happening in this life. By returning to the original cause of the issue, you get another perspective on the problems in your present life. This fresh understanding can lead your mind to determine that there’s another way and to release the old behaviour, and as a result it’s a lot easier to alter your current life circumstances.

Past Life Regression brings greater awareness.

Exploring previous lives may shed new light on your current lifetime. It may help you with questions such as:

  • Are there any repeating patterns throughout my previous lifetimes?
  • Do recurring emotional patterns in my current life have their origins in past lives?
  • What are the most important life lessons this time around?
  • What excess baggage have I carried into this lifetime?
  • What are my next steps?
  • Where do I come from?

Your Past Life Regression session with Sara is 2 hours long

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