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House Energy Clearing

Making a house your home

Is something not quite energetically right in your house?

Do you feel uneasy in your own home?

Are you finding yourself moving furniture and pictures around, or even redecorating, frequently, yet you are still unable to get your space to feel right.

Maybe there’s energy left from someone who’s passed?

Or perhaps your house has witnessed trauma from your own life such as a divorce, separation, arguments, death, illness, grief, anger, trauma, negative emotions or even teenagers!?

Have you just moved into a new house and would like to clear out the previous owners and make it yours?


Whatever the reason, clearing these and other ‘stuck’ energies can relieve you from the distress of past trauma and the pain of yours and other people’s lives.


When you clear your home, you are clearing your life!


Provide yourself, your environment, your life and your work with the highest level of positive energy possible.


A cleansing on your property and land will:

  • Clear all negative energies from your work/living space/land
  • Clear all entities
  • Clear radiation from property and equipment
  • Clear all human energetic imprints
  • Clear all agreements, contracts, energetic deeds hanging over the property/land
  • Clear battle energy
  • Cleanse the energy
  • Harmonise with nature spirits, geopathic zones, and custodians of the land
  • Soul healing on the land
  • Give guidance if any crystals, rocks, wind chimes or anything is needed to balance the land/property
  • Help you to affirm your intent and purpose for the area you’ve created
  • Bless the space and all persons occupying the space
  • Allow your surroundings to be energetically aligned and the energy cleared and optimised for you


The Consultation:

Price on application

In person: After a lengthy discussion via telephone, I come to your property, moving through the property and land, clearing areas and you.

Remotely: You provide me with property/land plans, photographs and we have a lengthy discussion on the occupants, what you have been feelings, what is happening in your life, and what you are wanting to change. I then work remotely, clearing the property, and reporting back to you on my findings and recommendations.




Who has a clearing?

Many varied and interesting people. I have worked with many different properties Internationally and here in Australia, from huge mansions, churches, houses large and small, schools, garden sheds and numerous businesses. I have had many clients who want their house cleared prior to bringing a new baby home.

Can my business be done?

It can, it helps to make the business more profitable, balanced and easier to work in.

Will a clearing help my animals?

Animals are very sensitive to energy; a clearing will help them feel more settled, less tense, more relaxed and safe.

What are the benefits?

          A house blessing and clearing can help to eliminate the build-up of negative emotions, stagnant energy and thoughts. The property will feel more relaxed, calm and inviting. It just ‘feels’ better, clearer and more spacious.

Can I do it myself?

A great way to clear your house yourself:

  • Buy a sage stick, either loose or bound, and smudge. I prefer one that is mixed with either frankincense or lavender. Smudge all the rooms, corners, and nooks of your property. If this doesn’t help then that’s when you call me, as it may be something deeper.
  • Open up all doors, and windows and let the fresh air circulate, especially after/during illness.
  • Play loud music, loud enough not to annoy your neighbours. When you are about to go out for a few hours, put every musical devise in your property on loud.
  • Going through every room playing bells, chimes, drumming or even clapping your hands is also great, the vibrations break up stagnant energy. Tell the negative energy’s to leave.
  • House Clearing Room Sprays:You can purchase these online or make your own. They need to be made with essential oils not synthetic fragrances. Essential oils carry a specific vibration from the specific flower and a lot of the room sprays made also have crystal essences in them.
  • Command for all negative energies, entities, emotions, thought forms, illnesses & viruses to be sent to away to the light to be transformed into Love. Visualize removing the roof of your house attaching a column of White light to the top of your entire house that leads all the way up to the Creators dimension. See this light fill your house and visualize all negative energies being sucked up by this light. Give gratitude
  • Call in the Creator of All That Is and ask the Creator to surround you with your highest guides and angels. State your intention: “Creator of All That Is and my highest guides and angels I ask for your assistance in helping me to clear this space of any negative energies, entities, emotions, thought forms, illnesses or viruses. Thank you, it is done, it is done it is done.  And watch it happening.

What are the negative energies?

          Energy left over from arguments, anger, distress, illness, trauma, death, teenagers, uninvited visitors, and people who just dump their stuff away from their own homes, people who want to vent in you home and various other people, it all becomes stagnant and collects in certain areas of the property. Radiation, toxins, chemicals, underground waterbeds, ley lines, energy of the land, imprints of previous owners, ghosts and vortexes. All this together can make people and animals sick, or just not feel right.

What is the investment for a consultation?

Please call me to discuss the investment, as every property clearing is unique.

I’m selling my property, what are the benefits?

Energy connections are being constantly created around us by our thoughts, emotions, words, and actions. Whether they represent intimate connections, financial troubles or relationship problems these energies bind us together and shape what we call our home. Other people entering this space are able to sense them, and they often make the home feel heavy, full, oppressive and generally uninviting. Someone may want to buy a house, but not the lingering energies of someone else’s home. Whether you’re having trouble selling, or looking to raise its value, house clearings can improve people’s reactions to your space dramatically.  I also set up a blessing for the new people, allowing the house to choose it’s next occupants, thus allowing the house to release you, together we send gratitude, love and peace.

What are the affects of Geopathic stress?

Under stress of any kind, the body shows distinct physical responses, regardless of whether the stress is emotional (fight with a loved one), financial (loss of a job), or physical (lack of sleep). The body’s response is controlled by hormones, which can trigger a wide range of changes. There are two parts to the body’s reaction to stress – alarm (which is fight or flight) and resistance. Alarm causes the brain to become very alert, blood pressure and breathing quicken, and digestion slows. The resistance reaction is slower to start and can have longer lasting affects. If the stress continues the body remains in a state of apprehension and tension. With time it becomes exhausted. This leads to a lower immunity, the vital ability to ward off attack, and the lessening ability to process ingested and environmental toxins. (Ref: The Guide to Geopathic Stress by Jane Thurnell-Read)

Who is Dr Masaru Emoto?

Dr Emoto provides scientific proof of how what we think manifests in the physical world through an experiment that uses molecules of water. His book, “The Hidden Messages of Water,” continues to receive critical acclaim and much acknowledgment around the world, and his work was used in the film ‘What the Bleep do we Know?’

He has researched and has scientific proof that thought and feelings affect physical reality. By producing different focused intentions through written and spoken words, and literally presenting these to the same water samples, the water changes its appearance. He took microscopic photos of frozen water molecules after taping the words “You make me sick”, compared to the phrase “love and gratitude” (among many others). What the frozen molecules showed was that our negative thoughts and feelings do not create a crystal snowflake-like pattern as positive thoughts produce, but rather show incomplete, asymmetrical patterns with dull colors. If our thoughts and emotions can impact water so dramatically, what do you think they do to our bodies?

So what does this prove and what does it have to do with our homes? Our bodies have an energy-field, and this energy-field holds our thoughts, our emotions and our intentions. The movie ‘The Secret’ explores the Law of Attraction and the effect that our thoughts and beliefs have on our reality. Our energy-field can be quite extensive and extend farther out from our bodies than we realise.

Consider your work environment: if your work area has many employees, it will hold many different energies, emotions and thoughts. We can feel the grief of a friend or colleague when someone has just passed away, or the anger and frustration when someone has been fired or had a spousal fight that morning.

If someone who projects their thoughts and emotions into a glass of water can impact a water molecule, consider how all of our thoughts and emotions have been building up within our homes. Along with financial considerations, homes can hold other negative energies too things that may have been building for quite some time. Divorce is an energy that is full of emotion and impacts the way you feel and think. A difficult financial situation can create a lot of anxiety both individually, and as a family. What about all of the thoughts and emotions of the home’s past owners? Sometimes there are other energies that may haunt a home too.

It’s equally worth understanding that there are energy lay lines (which some refer to as geopathic stress) that intensify emotions and create unstable and fluctuating energy. All of these problems can be balanced and cleared.

Our homes are meant to be our safe haven. To bring peace and comfort after a long day at the office. Yet we may be contributing to the build up of negative energy by not being able to let go of our daily stressors and clear and balance our own energy on a daily basis. People are like sponges. As each sponge can hold only so much water and then reaches a point of saturation, every person can hold only so much of negative energy or thoughts. After the saturation point is reached, the excess energy must flow somewhere. Where does the energy go? Into our house!


A house blessing and clearing can help to eliminate the build-up of the these emotions and thoughts.


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