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consultationThetaHealing™/ Clinical Hypnotherpy Consultations With Sara Consultations available in person, by Telephone (Landline or Mobile within Australia) or on Skype (WorldWide).

To prepare for a session just think about what it is in your life you would like to change. Working together we look to find the blocks that are stopping you, looking at habits, patterns, fears, emotions or whatever may be there in your subconscious. Working with your subconscious using a Theta brain wave, we release what ever needs to be released, to create the life you would like to have. Working together to find the cause of your disharmony, disease, or issue. This is all done in a very relaxed, safe environment. The session is uniquely just for you, as you are unique.

Usually once you have booked a session, “issues” or even memories come up if this happens just jot them down and we can look at them and work on them. They are usually all related. Write a list of all your niggles and bring it along to your session.

Location for Sessions:

  • Clarinda (near Oakleigh) Vic
  • Cheltenham (Academy of Hypnotic Science) Vic
  • Rosebud (Holistic Realms) Vic
  • Skype or phone in your own home


  • 1 hour
  • 1 1/2 Hours
  • 2 Hours

Stop Smoking Package   2 sessions plus take home CD, affirmations and support. Initial session 2 hours, second session 1 Hour.

Soul Mate Session   2 hour session plus take home CD.

Past Life Regression Session  2 hour session plus recording of session.


“You are ready now to heal and be whom you should be.”

Contact me at or 0412771612